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We have developed our activity according to a system called “Brand Life Cycle”, which integrates the areas of Brand Strategy, Brand Design and Brand Contents. We use this system to generate innovation and creativity that will produce results in a new paradigm of advertising.
Brand Strategy
We trust our instincts.
But we are also aware that better results are acquired when we analyze every context throughly.
The mission of our Brand Strategy team is to provide insights about markets, competitors, consumers and the internal culture of our Clients in order to provide our team and your team with the maximum amount of information and confidence in the daily management of brands.

Social Trends:
We look for new global and local habits, those of small and large large groups, that make us rethink strategies or that propose new business opportunities.

Brand Trends:
We identity success stories of brand management that inspire us and our Clients to rethink our daily practices, so that together we can go further.

Industry Insights (National and International):
We deepen our knowledge of the industries where our clients operate, this knowledge is the base to every project, regardless of its dimension, it will translate into relevant information that will add value to our Client.

Client Insights:
The starting point of our strategic and creative process is speaking to our client in order to understand their habits, perceptions and expectations.

Brand Speakers:
We listen to the Brands main ambassadors and their collaborators, evaluating their affinity between the wanted identity and the living identity, we energize teams to reflect the spirit of the Brand and we collect feed-back to better the experience of the Brand through its multiple touchpoints.

Based on this information we project:

Brand Positioning:
We define the Brands position in order to maximize the potential of growth in its own market. We do this by, understanding the brands identity, the territory the brands competitors occupy, and the habits, tendencies and behavior of the brands consumers.

Brand Values:
We define the personality of the Brand in a way that allows the Brand to manifest itself globally and coherently among its stakeholders, affirming its position with every contact.

Brand Architecture:
We analyze and define Brand architectures in order to boost the business of our clients, taking into account, on the one hand, the characteristics of their portfolio of products and services, the markets in which they perform and the structure of their client base. We also look at the scenarios of future development, evaluating at each stage potential risks and opportunities that need to be taken into consideration.

Brand Interfaces:
We evaluate the development of communication interfaces of Brands, online and offline, that will better suit their goals of notoriety, positioning, team working, networking and sales.

Brand Communication Plan:
We design short, medium and long term communication plans in accordance with the tactical and strategic objectives of our clients, identifying recipients, messages and actions that will create a relationship with the Brand.
Brand Design
The power of Brands has extended beyond what constitutes the value of their products and services.

Through the growing set of territories where they move, Brands assume a greater role in the society where they are inserted, increasing the responsibility of its creators.

Born has created a Design Team, that has the ability to ensure that each Brand building process, will create a unique universe that will allow the Brand to reinforce its personality in each manifestation and to move in multiple contexts in a coherent way.

We want to create Brands that have the ability to inspire people or entities which directly or indirectly create a relationship with the Brand. Brands that transform any context in which they move for the better. We believe that this is the only way that Brands will be completely prepared for the challenges they will face today.

Identity Design
Identity Guideline
Corporate Expression Guideline
Art / Creative Direction
Signage Design
Retail Environment

Stationary System
Publishing design
Signage and Exhibition design
Event and Campaign design
Marketing Collateral
Editorial Design

Digital design
Website Design
Motion graphics
Brand Contents
The world changes every day.
We like that, and how much it makes us run.
Rethinking means, content and strategies that will translate into a deeper relationship between Brands and their public.
The emergence of a new generation of spectators that choose what they want to see has forced Brands throughout the world to rethink their content, approaching, on the one hand, the Entertainment Industry and on the other hand an amateur industry of “user-generated contents”.
This movement brought new opportunities but it challenged practices that were already established.
Our Brand Content team has specialized in the management and activation of Content for Brands, so these can be incorporated into their Communication and serve them through conventional or emerging channels in order to reach their goals of notoriety, positioning and sales.
We intend to challenge Brands to change their communication paradigms and affirm ourselves as a dynamic agent of the Content Market: better Content will undoubtedly generate stronger Brands.

Sponsorship Strategy and Activation:
We analize and activate a link between properties whose nature, public and media exposure and activity plan propose opportunities for Brands to increase notoriety, reinforce positioning, activate their network and generate sales.

Endorsement Strategy and Activation:
We choose personalities whose notoriety, biography and positioning are appropriate for the Brands that we work with, enhancing their integration across all communication.

Fictional Endorsement Strategy and Activation:
We create and manage fictional personalities, placing them in the long and short term goals of Brands.

Brand Stories:
We create brand new content for Brands, substituting the term “audience” with “spectators”, diluting institutional or promotional language into appropriate stories for the Media and consumers.

Brand Happenings:
We plan and implement special actions that can be affirmed as institutions in the communication plan of Brands, allowing them to diversify the means and content while increasing relevance in their markets.

Product Development:
We imagine and develop products that make tangible the interconnection of brands with the universe of entertainment, making your investment in this area profitable, by creating projects that generate sales and provide long-lasting experiences for Clients.

Partnership Engineering:
We design, involve, mediate, negotiate and implement the projects, articulating all types of partnerships, namely: Institutional Partners, Media Partners and Associated Brands.
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