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In 2005, Scott Donatan published “Madison & Vine”, highlighting the proximity between the advertising and entertainment industries.

Inspired by the names of the avenues where performance halls and headquarters of brands are located in New York, the editor of AdAge wrote “It’s not clear what Madison & Vine alliances might look like a decade from now, but they will be around - a viable solution to the emerging business challenges. Digital technologies that empower individuals will permanently transform communications in all its forms. Figuring out how won’t be easy, but it should be an incredible adventure.”
2005 was also the year in which BØRN was founded (previously Brandfiction) and a copy of “Madison & Vine” was permanently placed on our bedside tables, inspiring us to launch a project in Portugal that would actively participate in the construction of a new paradigm of advertising suggested by Scott Donatan.

10 years later, the work is just beginning:

We launched a documentary “The McNamara Surf Trip” for the Turismo de Portugal organization, with Garrett McNamara, working with Bro Cinema production company (responsible for the Complexo Alemão and I Love Kuduro projects) and André Carvalho, a photographer. It was a Branded Content project that aimed to showcase Portugal on all digital platforms across the world.

We created the largest activation platform for a brand in Portugal, the “Mega Pic-Nic”. There were 6 consecutive editions created on behalf of Continente, based on the core business and strategic positioning values of the Brand and conceived in a truly “transmedia” fashion, that brings together 700 thousand Portuguese individuals in a single day.

We have developed other platforms and projects such as Cin Re-Make, Olá, Eu Sou Portugal and Mercado de Sabores. These innovative platforms and projects brought problem-solving solutions for our clients.

This vision enabled us to grow during one of the toughest periods in our industry.
But there is still a lot to be done.
Today we are organized in three areas of activation, Brand Strategy, Brand Design and Brand Contents, which enables us to follow the birth cycle of Brands, starting from the Marketing Plan, to Creation and Activation.

We have a team that we are very proud of: parents that are in love, wannabe “baristas”, musicians, writers, surfers, cyclists, cat and dog lovers, semi-professional FIFA players, TV series fanatics, kuduro enthusiasts but above all dedicated professionals with an aim to transform.

Transforming means to combine the power of knowledge, creativity and action to develop projects with a social impact, projects that will move the order of things and that will give back the power that Brands should have never lost.

Therefore, we work very closely with our Clients, we look for the right way to communicate in a fragmented and saturated media space, in order to receive consumer attention and acquire relationships.

BØRN is present in Portugal (Lisbon), Angola (Luanda) and has already started projects in Mozambique.

We want to affirm our vision in these markets, combining our ambition with the ambition of our partners, clients and professionals that are willing to Transform the Industry, challenging all its stakeholders to redefine processes and above all possibilities.
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