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Unitel - Brand Refresh - Telcom

“O próximo mais próximo” (The next closest) is probably the most recognized Brand signature in Angola.

It belongs to Unitel, the leading company in the country's mobile telecommunications sector, synonymous with development, innovation, modernity, personal identity and connectivity among all Angolans, personally and professionally.

Since its entry in the Angolan market in 2008, Born has been working regularly with Unitel in areas such as Advertising, Activation. But it was in 2018 that the challenge arose to update the visual identity of a Brand present in practically all streets of Luanda and the main Angolan cities.

The accelerated growth of Unitel and the appropriation of the Brand by Angolans generated a diversity of applications, and it was necessary to stabilize some elements of the identity, recover the graphic and typographical heritage and evolve in face of the new challenges of today.

The digitalization of the Angolan market has created new opportunities for Unitel to relate with its clients, and the project has given the Brand new tools to - remaining true to its DNA - deepen the dialogue with its clients in the content era.

And, with even more energy, create solutions that bring Angolans from all provinces and all those who travel in Africa and the world closer together.

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