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Spar - your favourite neighbour - Brand Strategy - Retail

From the large hypermarkets far from the centre of the cities, during the 80s and 90s, to the small neighbourhood shops of today, the large-scale distribution sector has undergone profound changes.

While the famous Amazon's Alexa does not reach our market, the main players have disputed the territory of proximity and convenience, which have overlapped arguments such as diversity and depth of supply.

In 2017, SPAR , an international retail brand present in over 40 countries, felt the need to review its positioning in Portugal, where it had a network of around 40 own stores and 60 franchisees.

This was a different matrix from that of the main national players, so it was necessary to capitalise on this essence.

With a focus on hyper proximity, and inspired by real stories of the brand in Portugal, we created the concept "Your Favourite Neighbour" to mark the belonging to the community.

This concept determined a global revision to the brand communication, inside and outside the store, which became more human and personalized, proper of those who "know" their neighbors.

Regarding store communication, Born reviewed Spar's main communication tools and rethought store communication, which forced the definition of new price and promotion institutions.

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