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Colégio Pedro Arupe - Branding and Design - Education

The development of Brand projects applied to the school universe is not a reality with great tradition in Portugal. But the Colégio Pedro Arrupe is a special project and was a pioneer in applying branding techniques to the non-university school universe.

Developed jointly by the Alves Ribeiro Group and the Companhia de Jesus, and having as one of its references the Colégio São João de Brito, the new school was born of a common passion for the future.

The future of generations personified in the life and message of Father Pedro Arrupe, whose biography inspired the development of an integrated Brand project that now lives in Parque das Nações.

Born was the design agency chosen to develop the work, which involved from the creation of the brand, to the exterior and interior signs, to the decoration of the noblest areas of the school, including merchandising and school uniforms.

Colégio Pedro Arrupe is today one of the most recognized brands in the universe of pre-university education and led the way to a significant number of private schools that started to invest in brandind and communication. 

Forming the Men of the Future.

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